Ogham Collection

Carefully crafted in our Kilkenny workshop, our Ogham collection is a tribute to the ancestral language of the land. Known as the Ogham alphabet, these inscriptions were carved into standing stones and wood throughout ancient Ireland. The rune-like script containing 20 characters is read from the bottom to the top. Nature was a central theme in ancient Irish culture and Ogham reflected this with each letter associated with old Irish names for trees. For example, the letter “B” for birch, is beith in Ogham, while the letter “C” which represents hazel is known in Ogham as coll.

Our Ogham jewellery collection is handcrafted in sterling silver using black oxidisation to highlight the chiselled script. Each piece is made to order with your chosen name or word translated into Ogham.

Take home a unique piece of this fascinating ancient language and connect with ancient Irish culture.