Lilypad Collection

The Lilypad Collection is an exquisite ensemble crafted in 18ct yellow gold and sterling silver set with a sparkling forest green tourmaline. The collection features large earring studs, a pendant, and a ring. Each piece is uniquely finished by the edges being delicately melted with a torch so no two pieces are ever alike. The edges are then highly polished and the centre given in a matte finish, creating a classic contrast. Handcrafted with care, each Lilypad is a unique work of art, inspired by a postcard that came to the workshop featuring a pond and stylised lily pads. Please note that given the handcrafted and unique nature of the making process, each piece will vary slightly from the images shown. View our Lilypad Collection now or speak with a goldsmith about commissioning your own Lilypad with a different gemstone.

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